6 Cones and Collars for Dogs Post Surgery and Injury Recovery

6 Cones and Collars for Dogs Post Surgery and Injury Recovery

Surviving an injury or surgery, especially an ACL/CCL injury requiring tplo surgery, can be quite a traumatic experience.  The last experience desired by anyone is the dreaded and less-than-comfy “cone of shame”.

We’ve all experienced the love-hate relationship of a dog wearing such a cone or collar, often referred to as e-collars, as they mend from post surgery or injury recovery.

Cones and e-collars help prevent dogs from licking or chewing affected area.  If not prevented, this could lead to loose stitches, infection, or ingested topical medications. Dogs often dislike wearing cones or e-collars.  It’s imperative to have your dog fitted for its cone or e-collar prior to procedure or injury (when possible).

Today, I’m sharing tips and tricks through insightful commentary as well as recommendations for ensuring a positive cone or e-collar experience for your dog.

But first things first, let’s take a moment to outline the characteristics of what makes cones and e-collars a good option to ensure a comfy recovery experience.

What makes cones and e-collars a good option for your dog?

A critical consideration often overlooked when choosing a dog cone or e-collar is whether or not the given situation and circumstance actually calls for one.  There is no need to stress ol’ Buster or Fido out with a cone or e-collar if not needed.

As previously mentioned, dog cones and e-collars refrain pets from licking, chewing, or scratching a rash, wound, or incision. In addition, never use cones and e-collars on dogs as a method of punishment or behavioral training.  Cones and e-collars are meant for short term use until full recovery and healing is realized.

The best dog cones and e-collars that provide a comfy experience often consist of the following attributes:

  • First and foremost, the dog should not be able to remove the cone or e-collar
  • Sturdy, durable, and easy to clean/maintain
  • Easy owner application and removal with existing dog collar
  • Not overly large or undersized
  • Protects area of rash, wound, or incision from being tampered with or negatively impacted
  • Does not choke or restrict dog from breathing, sleeping, mobility, eating, or drinking
  • Does not scratch or damage furniture, floors, walls, or similar household items

Now that the important considerations and recommendations are known about what makes dog cones and e-collars a good options, here are the six best cone and e-collar options to consider.

1. The Original Comfy Cone Recovery Collar

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One of the most highly rated and touted dog cones is All Four Paws’ The Original Comfy Cone. A very intuitive use application, this is a soft and comfortable foldable recovery e-cone made from foam and water-resistant nylon, making for easy cleaning and maintenance.

This e-cone has also been designed with a heavy duty hook-and-loop to secure collar well. So, no Houdini business of  “now it’s on one minute and off the next” for ol’ Buster or Fido.

In addition, The Comfy Cone, as many affectionately refer to it as, has a reflective outer edge for safety while walking. It also has been made to be easily reversible for use, containing a removable plastic to add structure when needed and folding flat for easy storage.

Last but not least, this e-cone proudly boasts a 4-star Amazon rating, and is available in seven sizes and two colors.  The sizes are x-small 11, small, medium, medium/x-long, large, X large, and XX large. The colors are black and tan.

2. The Protective Inflatable Collar

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If you’re in search of a more modern cone or e-collar look, then look no further than Bencmate’s Protective Inflatable Collar. No more cone of shame. This innovate product does the job of an old school cone or e-collar without your dog losing peripheral vision.

Trust me, your dog will gladly thank you for this feature.  Over 11,000 customers have reviewed and rated this e-collar with 4 stars galore, making it an Amazon Best Seller.

This lightweight e-collar makes me actually think of the neck pillows used by people on airplanes, especially when fully inflated.  Nevertheless, whether inflated or deflated, this e-collar makes for economical use and storage.

It’s durable, washable, soft, and, like The Comfy Cone, the Protective Inflatable Collar will not scratch surfaces like traditional rigid plastic cones and collars. The Protective Inflatable Collar is made in five sizes, and two colors.  The sizes are x-small, small, medium, large, and X large.  The colors are blue and gray.

3. ZenPet Adjustable ProCone E-Collar

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The first thing to note about the ZenPet Adjustable ProCone E-Collar is its feel.  It’s much softer and flexible it is in comparison to other dog cones and e-collars.  The ZenPet Adjustable ProCone E-Collar is made from very thin plastics covered with padded material to provide additional comfort.

In addition, this velcro adjustable e-collar has been designed with windows to not completely interfere or eliminate your dog’s peripheral vision.

One of the things I like most about this 4-star rated e-collar is its versatility to be used for not only dogs, but cats too!  This lightweight e-collar is easy to clean and maintain, and does a phenomenal job protecting your dog (or cat) from accessing injuries, rashes, or post surgery wounds.  It is made in four sizes (i.e., small, medium, large, and X large), and a solid gray color.

4. Alfie Pet Designer E-Collar

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One of the most top-rated e-collars on the market for dogs and cats is truly a designer e-collar, heads and shoulders above the work.  If you desire all the traditional measures of a typical cone or e-collar, then Alfie Pet E-Collar, also referred to as the Noah Recovery Collar, is one of the best choices and investments that you’ll make it.  Plus, you’ll win colossal doggy or kitty points with your lovable four-legged family member.

As for details, this 4-star rated pet e-collar is comfy, lightweight, soft and stylish.  It’s easy-to-use velcro closure for adjusting makes loosening and tightening a breeze.  Unfortunately, this e-collar is not the most rigid, allowing pets to bite at it.

Nevertheless, this stylish e-collar is made in a variety of designs and six sizes.  The designs are flowers, lions, crabs, cows, bees, giraffes, frogs bunnies, donuts and more…  The sizes are X small, small, medium, large, X large, and XX large.

5. KZ Soft Collar

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One of the most price-friendly collars on the market, KZ Soft Collar, dons an innovative draw string collar.  This draw string collar truly allows for a one-size-fits-all experience to recovery and healing, no matter if the patient is a dog or cat.

While not my favorite cone or collar, I must admit it’s a clever inflatable design. However, it can only be used on pets with neck sizes that are less than 6 inches in diameter.  But even this limiting feature has not stopped 600+ customers for giving it 4-star reviews.

6. Adjustable Recovery Dog Cone and Collar

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Don’t purchase the Pro Collar’s Adjustable Recovery Dog Cone, especially if your dog, cat, or similar pet has a strong dislike for cones and collars. If your pet is low maintenance and laidback, then this economically priced cone and collar is just what the doctor ordered.  It’ll provide for a speedy and healthy recovery.

It’s the most basic of cones and collars.  However, it touts a 4-star rated, lightweight ergonomic design as purchased and reviewed by over 2700 customers.  The neck opening is made of durable PVC material covered by extra soft polyester fabric.  While it may not convey sturdiness like the competition, this adjustable cone and collar is quite firm and comfy.

Lastly, the Adjustable Recovery Dog Cone offers convenient multi-sizing options across seven sizes, and in blue and pink colors.  The size offerings are as follows: x-small, small, medium, large, X large, 2X large, 3X large, 4X large and 5X large.

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