13 Risks and Complications with TPLO Surgery in Dogs.

13 Risks and Complications with TPLO Surgery in Dogs.

Hey there! If you’re getting ready for your furry friend’s TPLO surgery, you may be wondering about some of the risks and complications involved. We’re here to help make sure you and your dog are fully prepared and well-informed. Let’s dive in and discover the common risks and complications of TPLO surgery in dogs.

Cold Therapy Tips and Tricks for Dog TPLO Surgery

Best Cold Therapy Practices for Dog TPLO-surgery

Let me guess, your dog recently underwent TPLO surgery, and you’re doing your best to ensure your sweet four-legged family member has the best chance at full recovery, right? And it’s likely you’re also thinking about cold therapy as a recovery method so long as it doesn’t harm said family member too, right? Well, look no further. Cold therapy, also known as cryotherapy, is a widely used method for reducing pain and inflammation after TPLO …

7 Dog Supplements to Consider Pre and Post TPLO Surgery

Holistic Joint Health for Dogs - Herbs and Supplements

Joint and ligament health is one of many areas dog owners’ often overlook or neglect. In some cases, dog owners are simply unaware of its importance over the course of their dog’s life. Why is joint and ligament health so important?  Well, I’m glad you asked. Nearly one million dogs a year succumb to an Anterior (ACL) and cranial cruciate ligament (CCL) tear, rupture, or related injury just in the United States alone. These sorts …