5 Best Slings and Lift Harnesses for Dog Knee Injuries

5 Best Slings and Lift Harnesses for Dog Knee Injuries

Having been the owners of two rambunctious, litter-mate boxers, my wife and I always loved watching both rip, run, and tussle across our backyard for nearly 8 years.

At the end of their lives, nothing pained us more than helplessly watching both succumb to a degenerative back issue.  It greatly impacted their hind limbs, joint, and ligament health, and overall quality of life.

Like most dog owners, we were extremely fond of playing with and watching our babies play to their heart’s content.

Fortunately, our dogs never sustained physical ailments like CCL/ACL tears or ruptures. However, the degenerative back issue introduced many life-altering issues, especially when attempting to transport 70 pound dogs to and from vet visits.

The good news about transporting our fairly large dogs is that there are products on the market specifically made to solve this issue.

Today, I’ll share the benefits of sling lifts and harnesses, and how choosing the right one impacts your dog’s health, specifically the back and hip areas.   I’ll discuss options related to the form, fit, and function to prevent further injury to your dog and injured area.

But first things first, let’s take a moment to understand what makes a sling and lift harness a good option to ensure comfort for your dog.

What makes a sling and lift harness good for your dog?

While your dog sustaining an injury to the point of needing a good sling or lift harness isn’t the best news, it is when compared to the cost of a dog wheelchair.

If you’re not familiar with or have never used a sling or lift harness for an injury sustained by your dog, their simple design and function is to support your dog from the belly area up.

Most sling or lift harnesses are made of flexible fabrics with reinforced handles.  Their sole purpose is to lessen the weight and pressure off your dog’s injured hips, legs, and spine.

The best slings or lift harnesses consist of the following:

  • Made of soft, comfortable materials, yet durable and pet proof
  • Not oversized or undersized, but a good comfy and secure fit
  • Remove undue stress and pressure on ligaments, muscles, and joints

Now that you know the characteristics of a good dog sling and lift harness, here are the 5 best options worth considering:

1. Petslucent Dog Carrier Sling for Back Legs

Made for medium to large dogs, dog owners often prefer this lift sling over hundreds on the market.  Why?  Well, its simple, easy to use, and offers superb back support. It’s the perfect size for travel because of it’s easy storing.

In addition, this 5-star rated sling is wider than most other dog slings and lift harnesses.  It is made of pure cotton, making for a soft point of connection for your dog’s belly when in use.

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2. Sgt Knots Support Harness Pet Sling

While not made of cotton, this next dog sling and harness is sure to be a favorite for dog owners.  More importantly, dogs favor this sling and harness due to it being made of sheepskin.

This harness is the go to if your pet suffers from arthritis or join pain. It’s the ideal harness for easing the hind leg aches and pains.  Adjustable heavy-duty nylon straps offer greater hip stability.

Much like the Petslucent Dog Carrier Sling, the Sgt Knots Support Harness Pet Sling is specifically made for both medium and large dogs.

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3. Clumsy Pets Portable Dog Lift Harness

If you’re in search of a strong and durable dog lift harness that’s ideal for larger breeds of dog, then look no further.

Bigger dogs require caregivers to exert greater strength to stabilize
the dog, which requires dog slings and lift harnesses to provide comfort griping.

This lift harness offers great lifting comfort by way of a heavily padded handle.  This padded handle was designed to easily guide your dog without backache to you and your dog, or further injury.

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4. Petsidea Dog Rear Leg Lift Harness

No, we didn’t forget the smaller breed of dog, and neither has Petsidea.  Petsidea offers great products, especially lift harnesses, made for small to extra-large dogs.

Made from durable nylon with breathable straps, this lift harness allows for your dog to be securely held while allowing unrestricted mobility.

This leg lift harness is great for rehabilitation use as well as general joint injuries and older dogs suffering from hip dysplasia.

Finally, this lift harness also has a movable protector panel for when nature calls or should your dog be a lady.

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5. Woodier Dog Lift Harness

This vet-approved lift harness is designed with an adjustable length made for dogs 50 pounds or more.

Wodifier’s product is superb for dogs suffering from degenerative myelopathy, hip dysplasia, or other debilitating ailments.

Dog walks, climbing stairs, getting in and out of vehicles — to name a few, these activities won’t be as challenging as they once were prior to using a lift harness.

This lift harness is also the ideal size for travel and storage. In addition, the upkeep and maintenance is a simple wash and hang dry.

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Not any ol’ dog sling or harness will do

Remember, the most idea type of sling or lift harness is one that supports a dog’s hips and shoulders, while offering comfort and ease of use to dog owners.

Hopefully, the dog sling or harness you choose is easy to upkeep, designed with an adjustable, durable shoulder or hand strap.  Personally, I prefer a shoulder strap.  A shoulder strap removes the full burden of carrying your dog’s weight.

Remember, don’t just go for any kind of sling or harness for man’s best friend. In the end, be sure to choose a sling or harness that makes life easier for you and your pooch.

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