Best 3 Pet Health Insurance Providers Covering TPLO Surgery for Dogs

Best 3 Pet Health Insurance Providers Cover TPLO Surgery for Dogs

Are you in search of pet health insurance that covers TPLO surgery for your dog’s knee injury?

Pets deserve our attention and optimal care for as loyal and sincere as each can be from cradle to grave. It’s our duty to provide optimal quality of life and reducing, if not eliminating, common factors that lead to sustaining injuries.

One way to provide optimal quality of life is carrying a pet health insurance policy.  Pet health insurance policies cover unforeseen events that expose us and our pets to grave danger.  Listed below are various items offered by most pet health insurances providers.

  • Ordinary illness
  • Accidental injury
  • Immunization
  • Anticipatory care
  • Routine checkups
  • Discount surgery
  • Health care plans and more…

There are many companies offering general health insurance for pets these days.  As a result of the commoditizing of pet health plans and offerings, you MUST do your homework.  Take your time to research, question, and clearly understand whether or not your chosen service provider covers TPLO surgeries and rehabilitation.

To help guide you in this process, today I’ll answer this question and highlight pet health insurance providers and their respective TPLO surgery and rehabilitation offerings for dogs.

What to look for in pet health insurance offerings

For starters, keep in mind that each pet health insurance provider and offering are as different as night and day.  Not one provider or coverage offering are ever truly the same.

It is critically important to consider the key differences of each pet health provider and plan. As a point of reference and to ensure a good starting point, use the following list of considerations to compare providers and their pet health plans.

  • Pay close attention to the fine print of what is NOT covered
  • Opt for an annual deductible versus a per-condition deductible that reduces possibility of reimbursement
  • Speaking of reimbursement, be sure co-pay and examination fees are waived
  • Verify no claim limits of any type exist
  • Clarify benefit caps and limits
  • Understand pre-existing conditions and waiting period restrictions/considerations
  • Visit and read what their customers are saying about their company and its offerings

TPLO Coverage with Nation Wide Pet Insurance

One of the largest pet health insurance providers offering its services worldwide to pet owners for pets is Nation Wide Pet Insurance.

Nation Wide Pet Insurance covers dog knee injuries and surgeries.  Your dog is eligible for TPLO surgery after a 12-month waiting period, and approved and activated insurance. Accidental injuries are covered as are hospitalizations and rehabilitation of uncommon pets.

Healthy Paws Coverage for Dogs Needing TPLO surgeries

Healthy Paws offers competitively-priced, general health plans to pet owners for their pets, including the following services:

  • General injuries
  • Chronic illness
  • Genetic diseases
  • Ultrasounds, X-Rays, and MRIs
  • Surgeries, including TPLO surgery for dogs
  • Hospitalization
  • Rehabilitation and more…

Healthy Paws only offers one pet health plan.  The good news is most plans cover a wide range situations and circumstances. As for covering TPLO surgeries for dogs, a dog must have no record or past history of CCL/ALL tears, ruptures, and surgeries for any limbs.

Figo Covers Dog Knee Surgeries

Rated the best pet insurance by, FIGO offers the most comprehensive pet health care plans and coverage that often leads to 100 percent reimbursement of vet bills, including emergency care.

Figo and Pets Best are neck and neck when comparing both based on the following:

  • Three flexible plans for illness and injury
  • Unlimited lifetime benefit plan
  • One annual deductible
  • 100% Reimbursement option
  • No per incident cap on claims

Figo requires a 6-month waiting period upon approval or activation of pet health plan. An upside is Figo requires no co-pay should they have to save the life your pet.

Many dog owners rate Figo as providing the best-in-class coverage for dogs undergoing TPLO surgery or similar surgeries and rehabilitation. Figo has one of the best waiting period designations.  If no precondition is detected at the time of hospitalization, the waiting period is waived. What a big deal this is in comparison to most not waiving the waiting period.

What pet health insurance is best for dog knee surgeries?

In closing, these are just a few pet health insurance providers accepting and accommodating of TPLO surgeries for dogs.  Listed below are service providers should aforementioned pet health insurance providers not be able to meet your pet needs or desires.

In closing, caring and covering your beloved dog with regular checkups and pet health insurance is one way to ensure memories are made and your dog’s life is lived to the fullest.

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